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About Bridges Learning Center

Bridges Learning Center is an alternative school for students in grades K-12 that provides enhanced support for children with emotional or behavioral needs.  Our purpose is to teach social, behavioral and academic skills by building a positive, nurturing and supportive environment.

Bridges programming supports the needs of the whole child. In addition to rigorous, core academic instruction, students receive services from an art therapist and music therapist, and therapeutic services are embedded into daily activities.

Bridges Learning Center

History of Bridges Learning Center

Bridges Learning Center was established in 2006. The school combined the elementary program housed at the Betty Jane Annex and the secondary program housed at Goodyear Middle School. The school was originally housed in the former Hotchkiss Elementary School building and moved in 2015 to the former Barrett Academy.  Then in the summer of 2019, we expanded with 4 Success Classrooms and moved to the former Riedinger Middle School, located at 77 W. Thornton St.